Colon and Rectal Surgery

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Peachtree Surgical Specialists provides comprehensive and compassionate care to ensure that you or your loved one obtain the quality of care you should expect. We recognize the complexity of colorectal diseases and provide the experience and wide range of expertise that is required for effective management of these issues. Due to the close proximity of the outpatient facilities and offices to Atlanta Medical Center, if the need arises, we are able to interact with our professional colleagues in gastroenterology, cardiology, internal medicine, and other specialties.

We understand that being diagnosed with a colon and rectal problem can be frightening. Dr. Hixon as always taken the necessary time to explain to each patient what their problem is, to go over the tests needed for full evaluation, and to present the treatment options. Many patients are surprised to learn that many anorectal and colorectal problems can be managed and treated successfully without surgery.


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